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Adshir: Ray Tracing With LocalRay For The Mobile Gaming Market

Reuven Bakalash
March 9, 2021 | Source: ADSHIR Ray tracing is a computer graphics technique generating physically accurate photo-realistic images. Until 2018 ray tracing was implemented offline only, mainly in the film industry. There has been a long felt need for real-time and low-cost ray tracing, which is one of the most computationally complex applications. Millions of rays […]

The game market takes no prisoners

Wanda Meloni
Posted: By Wanda Meloni and Jon Peddie As the headlines and some investors' money slowly fades, and the echoes of share price surge from the GameStop revolt bubble continue to reverberate, the PC gaming market is worth about $35 billion and growing at about 5%, while the mobile gaming market has lower ASPs, but orders of magnitude more players […]