Cocos’ Open Source Engine, Cocos Creator 3.0 Now Comes With 3D

Cocos’ Open Source Engine, Cocos Creator 3.0 Now Comes With 3D


Cocos’ Open Source Engine, Cocos Creator 3.0 Now Comes With 3D


Cocos has announced Cocos Creator after months of sharing both Tech Preview and Preview versions of their 3D game engine. They completed the merging the 3D and 2D engines together to create an open-source game engine.

The Cocos Creator Roadmap:

The company is focused on having Cocos Creator become a force in the game industry worldwide, especially in mobile and HTML5 game development.

Partners such as Tencent, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, have helped Cocos show off the engine’s power.

Merging 2D and 3D rendering

We have merged the 2D engine of Cocos Creator and the 3D engine in Cocos Creator 3.0 Preview version to build the final version of Cocos Creator 3.0. Creating a 3D engine that conforms with our 2D engine has been a very long process but has allowed us to provide the best experience for game designers building hypercasual to AAA games the best experience we can offer.  This includes:

  • A brand new editor interface design, more concise and clear
  • Assets system upgrade, enhanced support for big projects with massive assets
  • Editor experience upgrade including animation editor, build panel, asset pickup, nodes and assets filter, etc.
  • Built-in light map baking tool
  • A powerful editor extension system, totally modularized, pure message-driven
  • Merged 2D and 3D render pipeline, improved flexibility and performance
  • 3D assets support for glTF2.0 and FBX, from both open-source and commercial asset builders
  • Physically-based light, camera, and material for full PBR rendering
  • Full-featured 3d particle system for complex visual effects
  • 3D physics module with multiple physics backend engines including lightweight cannon.js and WebAssembly version bullet physics
  • Cross-platform publish, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5, and instant gaming platforms