The funding is expected to augment the Metacore team as well as scale global operations of the firm’s inaugural title, Merge Mansion.

“Metacore is going from strength to strength. Merge Mansion launched globally against very high expectations, and it’s safe to say that Metacore not only met those expectations, but also showcased what an exceptional team they are. We invest first and foremost in exactly that – strong teams, and their ability to make amazing games independently,” comments Supercell’s Jaakko Harlas.

Founded in 2014 by Aki Järvilehto and Mika Tammenkoski, initially as a wearable games company, Metacore launched their first puzzle discovery game, Merge Mansion, in 2020 to commercial success. The title counts over 800,000 daily players, and Metacore reports an annual revenue run rate of over €45 million.


Source: TechEU