M2 Studio Index

M2 Studio Index


M2 Studio Index


M2 Studio Index tracks new studios and studio closures.  

With our M2 Studio Index we are focused on providing updated information on studio activities globally. Our coverage includes the following types of studios:

  • Game Studios
  • VFX Studios
  • Development Studios
  • XR Studios
  • Research Labs


6/1/21 Dark Horse Games Dark Horse Comics New studio Games New IP Oregon USA
6/3/21 Tencent LA Tencent New studio Games Playa Vista USA 300
6/3/21 Activision Mobile Activision/Blizzard New studio Games Mobile Santa Monica USA
6/3/21 On Air Entertainment Microgaming New Studio Games Casino Latvia
6/3/21 Zync Render Google Closure Graphics Cloud Rendering USA
6/3/21 Google Poly Google Closure Graphics 3D USA
6/3/21 Now.gg Blustacks New Platform Games Mobile cloud Palo Alto USA
6/4/21 Armadillo Studios EveryMatrix New studio Games Casino Miami USA
6/4/21 Pearl Abyss Pearl Abyss New studio Games MMOs Amsterdam, Los Angeles Netherlands, USA
6/5/21 Studio Kadan Kadokawa New studio 3D Anime
6/23/21 TiMi Studio Tencent New studio Games AAA Bellevue USA 25
6/25/21 ATTN TikTok New studio Media Marketing Los Angeles USA
6/28/21 Pixel Federation New studio Games Development Brno Czech Republic
6/29/21 Xentrix Studios Xentrix Studios New studio VFX Animation Studio Melbourne Australia
6/29/21 RecodeXR Carbon Digital & SBS Audio Visual New studio XR Virtual Studio Manchester UK
7/7/21 Uncapped Games Tencent New studio Games RTS Playa Vista USA
7/7/21 Ripple Effects Studios Electronic Arts Renamed studio Games Development Los Angeles USA
7/20/21 Polygon Studios Polygon New studio Games Development
7/26/21 TiMi Studio Tencent New Studio Games Development Montreal Canada
7/26/21 That's No Moon Games Development Los Angeles USA
7/27/21 Riot Games China Riot Games New Studio Games Development Shanghai China
8/4/21 Disney Disney New Studio Animation Long-form series and special projects for Disney+ Vancouver Canada
8/4/21 Tangent Animation Tangent Animation Studio Closure Animation Netflix productions Toronto Canada -400
8/4/21 Studio Ramsay Global Gordon Ramsey, Fox Entertainment New Studio Broadcast Gordon Ramsay content London, Los Angeles UK, USA
8/6/21 Electric Manta Mark Cochrane New Studio Games Mobile London UK
8/9/21 Anima New Studio Animation Young Adults Mexico City Mexico
8/9/21 DGene DGene New Studio XR Volumetric Capture Stage Baton Rouge USA