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Autodesk closes PIX acquisition

News Desk

Autodesk, Inc. has acquired the PIX business of X2X. PIX stands as a production management solution facilitating secure review and content collaboration between creatives and executives in the media and entertainment industry throughout the production process. The decision to acquire PIX aligns with Autodesk’s findings from its 2023 State of Design and Make report, which […]


Not your grandparent’s measurement

Christopher Caen

Last week there was a great article in Digiday about the fact that measurement, not targeting could be more at risk with the deprecation of the almighty cookie. And it brings up very important issues about measurement, attribution, and behaviors. All of this had led to a need to have new cookie-less solutions to deal with the loss of third party data.


Ready Player Me’s New AI-Based Copilot Set to Revolutionize Avatar Development

News Desk

Ready Player Me Introduces Copilot for Avatar Integration As reported by VentureBeat, Ready Player Me, a company specializing in cross-platform avatar solutions, has launched Copilot, a tool integrated with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and OpenCopilot. This AI tool is aimed at simplifying the process for developers to incorporate avatars into their applications and games. Copilot benefits from […]