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Chaos Unveils 2024 Roadmap: AI and Visual Storytelling Tools

Chaos Unveils 2024 Roadmap: AI and Visual Storytelling Tools


Discover how Chaos aims to redefine visualization with AI-powered features and smart products designed to facilitate the production of top-quality work without limitations.

The imminent dawn of a new era in visualization promises exciting opportunities for creators to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented freedom. Chaos is committed to spearheading this creative revolution. But how?

That’s the question Chaos set out to address with Chaos Unboxed Live, an online keynote led by Chaos CEO Christian Lang, providing insight into the company’s future direction. Take a look at their unboxing video and continue reading to explore what lies ahead.

Chaos’s vision revolves around three core principles:

  1. Accelerating creativity: By providing intuitive yet powerful tools enhanced with AI capabilities, Chaos aims to empower users to bring their visions to life faster and with greater control, without compromising their creativity.
  2. Delivering fully interconnected solutions: A seamless workflow is essential, enabling creations to flow effortlessly between different stages of the process without the need for rework.
  3. Being available everywhere: Ensuring accessibility across all platforms, from desktops and browsers to mobile devices and virtual reality, enables users to reach their audiences wherever they are.

Guided by these principles, Chaos is pioneering new directions across its product portfolio, including V-Ray, Corona, Enscape, Chaos Vantage, Cylindo, and Chaos Cosmos, alongside exciting new developments.

Starting with V-Ray, their industry-leading photorealistic rendering solution, Chaos is expanding to include support for the open-source 3D software Blender, catering to its vast user base. Significant enhancements will ensure compatibility and accessibility across various platforms and tools.

Enscape, Chaos’s real-time rendering and visualization tool, is aligning its feature set with V-Ray’s, facilitating seamless workflows and integrating assets from the Chaos Cosmos library. Architects will benefit from a real-time building performance module that analyzes energy efficiency in BIM models.

Chaos is also enhancing Corona, their photorealistic renderer, with support for Cloud Collaboration, .vrscene files, and Chaos Vantage.

Chaos Vantage’s integration with virtual LED stages enables directors, cinematographers, and VFX artists to seamlessly place actors in virtual settings with customizable backgrounds, enhancing the workflow from 3D model to final shot.

Additionally, Cylindo users will benefit from AI-generated Instant Lifestyle Images, transforming product visuals into stunning, photorealistic images.

With Chaos Cosmos, the asset library is growing and will receive chat-driven material creation capabilities.

Chaos Next, the AI lab, is exploring new possibilities to integrate AI technology into Chaos products while ensuring users maintain creative control.

A storytelling platform will accept and combine scenes from any Enscape or V-Ray integration, allowing users to explore design variations and enhance scenes quickly.

Chaos aims to revolutionize design collaboration with a platform for real-time 3D design reviews and seamless collaboration, fostering engagement and accessibility.

This keynote is just the beginning of the Chaos Unboxed experience, with more events, both online and in the real world, scheduled throughout the year.