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8th Wall Bolsters WebAR Platform with New Generative AI Capabilities

8th Wall Bolsters WebAR Platform with New Generative AI Capabilities


8th Wall, Niantic’s subsidiary and a frontrunner in web-based augmented reality (WebAR) solutions, has made waves in the AR development community by unveiling its new GenAI modules. These additions, designed to smoothly integrate Inworld and OpenAI technologies into WebAR projects, enable developers to produce more captivating, responsive, and immersive user experiences.

Crucially, these enhancements promise users an active role in shaping their AR experiences, rather than a passive content consumption role. As WebAR and GenAI converge, the resulting synergy offers limitless opportunities for developers, brands, and agencies to captivate audiences and hand them greater agency in immersive encounters.

8th Wall’s platform already boasts compatibility with a wide range of GenAI tools, like DALL·E for text-to-image transformations, Blockade Labs for expansive imagery, Inworld AI for interactive characters, and much more. The recent announcement focuses on making it even more straightforward for developers to integrate these tools, courtesy of the new GenAI Modules tailored for Inworld and OpenAI.

In the current digital age, AI-driven filters, as seen on platforms like TikTok, have gained massive traction. The inherent unpredictability and the sheer variety these AI-powered filters offer make them viral hits. By marrying WebAR with GenAI, developers shift from static content creation to dynamic, evolving user experiences. Such a combination assures continual user engagement, with the lure of unique outcomes drawing users back repeatedly.

Moreover, 8th Wall’s platform architecture allows developers to create once and deploy universally, ensuring a consistent AR experience across all digital devices.

Inworld AI Integration: Making WebAR More Human Inworld, a pioneering GenAI platform, offers developers the chance to instill their WebAR creations with interactive AI-driven characters. Such characters, from lifelike avatars to brand mascots, possess the ability to adapt, learn, and foster a more intimate user interaction.

In partnership with Inworld, 8th Wall launched an AI Integration Module. This module enables seamless integration of Inworld’s avatars with 8th Wall’s comprehensive toolset, paving the way for engaging new interactive experiences. The result? Familiar brand avatars appearing on product packaging, ready to strike a conversation with users. And with Inworld’s advanced ‘Character Brain’, these conversations are ever-evolving and context-aware.

What’s more, 8th Wall ensures that integrating such sophisticated AI characters into projects is a breeze, sparing developers from backend complexities.

Harnessing OpenAI’s Might for WebAR 8th Wall has also rolled out tools that tap into OpenAI’s esteemed DALL·E and ChatGPT solutions, promising richer image generation and AI-fueled text chat experiences. These tools, when used in conjunction with WebAR, hand creative reins to users, allowing them to craft bespoke visual experiences.

Simplifying the incorporation of AI into WebAR is a recurring theme for 8th Wall, evident from the new Integration Module for OpenAI. Developers, by integrating this module and an OpenAI API key into their 8th Wall projects, can immediately harness the transformative power of AI.

Ian Curtis, an XR Developer at 8th Wall, encapsulated the excitement surrounding these announcements: “The fusion of Generative AI with Augmented Reality revolutionizes digital interaction. Users transition from mere spectators to creators, architecting their digital narratives powered by imagination.”

For a deep dive into 8th Wall and its groundbreaking WebAR solutions, interested parties are directed to the official company website.