Wevr, a creative development and production studio devoted to interactive and spatial experiences, today announced $3.5 million in new funding from HTC Corp. and Epic Games. Original backers of Wevr, HTC and Epic are adding to their investment as Wevr expands its Virtual Studio technology and real-time 3D production capabilities. Advances in spatial computing and […]
Years ago I worked for a start up that had Intel Ventures as one of our investors. During a break in board meeting I was chatting with the Intel board member and I asked him what was Intel’s secret to their success. Mind you, this was when Intel was in full power and one of […]
This web3 fund brings together Immutable and Polygon Labs who will identify opportunities for investors across the ecosystem. Managed by King River Capital, with support from Immutable and Polygon Labs, the fund targets high-growth prospects in the web3 gaming space. IGF's investor base comprises select professional and sophisticated investors, with an initial cap set at […]
Autodesk, Inc. has acquired the PIX business of X2X. PIX stands as a production management solution facilitating secure review and content collaboration between creatives and executives in the media and entertainment industry throughout the production process. The decision to acquire PIX aligns with Autodesk's findings from its 2023 State of Design and Make report, which […]
Adobe has integrated Firefly generative AI capabilities into Substance 3D Sampler and Stager, marking a significant advancement in 3D workflows for industrial designers, game developers, and VFX professionals. These new features, Text to Texture and Generative Background, streamline and enhance 3D texturing and staging tasks, saving time and boosting creativity. The Text to Texture feature […]
According to Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment has paused the production of PSVR 2 in order to address the existing surplus of unsold units. This information comes from sources familiar with the situation. These sources indicate that Sony has already manufactured over 2 million units of PSVR 2. Data from IDC, as cited by Bloomberg, reveals […]
Based in San Francisco, California, Thirdverse, raised $3.3 million through a third-party share allotment facilitated by Nissei Capital Co., Ltd. and VeriServe Corporation. This latest funding, combined with the capital previously raised in November of the previous year, brings the total series D funding to approximately $11.29 million. When considering the funds amassed before the […]
Last week there was a great article in Digiday about the fact that measurement, not targeting could be more at risk with the deprecation of the almighty cookie. And it brings up very important issues about measurement, attribution, and behaviors. All of this had led to a need to have new cookie-less solutions to deal with the loss of third party data.
Discover how Chaos aims to redefine visualization with AI-powered features and smart products designed to facilitate the production of top-quality work without limitations. The imminent dawn of a new era in visualization promises exciting opportunities for creators to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented freedom. Chaos is committed to spearheading this creative revolution. But […]
So I admit, I can safely say I did not have “Disney invests $1.5 billion in Epic” on my 2024 bingo card, although I am pretty sure I am in good company when it comes to that announcement. But as folks who have been knocking around the worlds of the metaverse and gaming for years, as the dust settled on this, Tony Parisi and I have some thoughts.