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NCSoft’s new AI suite is trained to streamline game production

NCSoft’s new AI suite is trained to streamline game production

NCSoft, the publisher behind Guild Wars 2, has introduced a suite of AI language models named VARCO LLMs, designed to assist developers in generating fresh content such as images, texts, and digital characters.

NCSoft labels VARCO as a comprehensive brand encompassing AI language models, products, and services. The company explains that VARCO stands for “Via AI, Realize your Creative Originality.”

NCSoft elaborates that the expansive language models within VARCO are categorized into four types: Foundation, Prompt, Dialogue, and Generative models. The efficacy of these models varies based on their parameter sizes.

Embracing Generative AI Tools VARCO drives three generative AI services: VARCO Art, a text-to-image generation tool; VARCO Text, a text creation and management tool; and VARCO Human, an integrated platform for designing, editing, and handling digital human characters. Collectively, these tools will be known as VARCO Studio, with NCSoft asserting that they enhance operational efficiency within their respective domains.

The initial release of small and medium-sized VARCO LLMs has targeted the Korean language market. A bilingual Korean-English model is set to be unveiled later this month.

A trial period of one month for VARCO is accessible via Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart, a hub for machine learning encompassing foundational models, prebuilt algorithms, and machine learning solutions.

NCSoft intends to expedite AI research and business projects following the VARCO launch.

Jehee Lee, NCSoft’s Chief Research Officer, remarks, “VARCO demonstrates the highest level of performance among other Korean models of similar sizes available to date. NCSoft will leverage VARCO to offer new original value and experiences in various domains as well as game content development.”