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Shutterstock and NVIDIA Collaborate to Build AI Foundation Models for Generative 3D Artist Tools

Shutterstock and NVIDIA Collaborate to Build AI Foundation Models for Generative 3D Artist Tools


Shutterstock announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA to revolutionize the creation of generative 3D assets. Through this pioneering collaboration, customized 3D models will be trained using NVIDIA Picasso generative AI cloud services, enabling the transformation of simple text prompts into intricate 3D content. This breakthrough technology is set to significantly reduce the time required for content creation, with the potential to turn hours of work into mere minutes.

The forthcoming introduction of these models on Shutterstock.com will integrate these novel NVIDIA-powered generative AI capabilities into Creative Flow, an extensive toolkit aimed at delivering a seamless and efficient creative experience. This transformative text-to-3D feature will not only be accessible on Turbosquid.com but is also slated for implementation on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, which caters to the development and operation of 3D industrial metaverse applications.

Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy articulated the significance of this partnership: “Our generative 3D partnership with NVIDIA will power the next generation of 3D contributor tools, greatly reducing the time it takes to create beautifully textured and structured 3D models. This first-of-its-kind partnership furthers our strategy of leveraging Shutterstock’s massive pool of metadata to bring new products, tools, and content to market. By combining our 3D content with NVIDIA’s foundation models, and utilizing our respective marketing and distribution platforms, we can capitalize on an extraordinarily large market opportunity.”

Crafting high-quality and intricate 3D models from scratch often proves to be a complex and time-intensive endeavor using current professional software tools. This challenge is particularly amplified when constructing content for applications like digital twins, where precision is paramount. By harnessing the prowess of the NVIDIA Picasso generative AI cloud service, Shutterstock aims to empower 3D artists to swiftly shape objects, simplify object unwrapping, generate textures and materials, and even furnish non-3D users with fully developed 3D models, primed for deployment across diverse applications and platforms.

Advancements from this partnership will assist professionals across a multitude of industries:

  • 3D Visual Effects and Game Design: Generate assets and features quickly to iterate on more creative ideas.
  • Architecture and Interior Design: Create floor plans, explore architectural styles faster, and design collaboratively with clients.
  • Fashion and Product Design: Inspire unique design concepts and explore how they move in simulation.
  • Graphic Design and Marketing: Create innovative new elements and reusable motifs easily to supercharge social media content production.
  • Manufacturing: Accelerate design of industrial parts and explore structures and solutions to build safer factories and warehouses.

In addition, these new NVIDIA-powered generative AI capabilities will allow professionals to create content for commercial use. Text-to-3D features will be offered on Shutterstock’s Creative Flow toolTurbosquid, and within the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for building and operating 3D industrial metaverse applications.

NVIDIA Vice President of Developer Programs Greg Estes highlighted the transformative impact of generative AI on the creative landscape: “The transformative capabilities of generative AI make it possible for software makers and enterprises to build tools that use simple text prompts to create 3D assets for digital twins, simulation and design, saving artists enormous amounts of time and effort. Training a custom Shutterstock model with the NVIDIA Picasso generative AI cloud services will give developers a tool that can automate much of the tedious work for artists, freeing them to spend more time exploring new concepts and refining their ideas.”

As part of its commitment to responsible AI practices and in alignment with the sales of the personalized 3D models on Shutterstock’s platform, the company has pledged to compensate artists through its Contributor Fund, acknowledging the role their intellectual property plays in shaping the generative technology’s capabilities.