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Unity Announces the New Unity Weta Tools Division Focused on  Film and Real-Time 3D

Unity Announces the New Unity Weta Tools Division Focused on Film and Real-Time 3D


Unity has launched its new Unity Wētā Tools division which is designed to make high-end VFX production and premium content creation accessible to creators, empowering them to build captivating digital worlds, bring hyper-realistic characters to life, and elevate film production techniques.

Unity is commited to expanding the boundaries of digital production, fostering innovation and creativity by providing creators with versatile and powerful tools, enabling them to realize their visions, regardless of style or complexity. Presenters including Unity’s Allan Poore and Natalya Tatarchuk, Steve May from Pixar, and Joe Letteri of WētāFX will bring the audiences along as they show how Unity Wētā Tools are currently being used in award-winning films to accelerate creative workflows, implement creative changes more easily, and produce higher-quality final shots.

“Unity is investing significantly in research and development, supporting ongoing innovation, and driving the future of content creation,” said Allan Poore, SVP of Unity Wētā Tools. “We are excited to showcase the work we are doing with high-end 3D artist tools, and we are looking to bring new innovations to help creators be successful, unleashing the creativity for 3D artists.”

Unity Wētā Tools will also demonstrate how creators can use its latest character tools to match creative briefs in any design language for film, animation, and games. The latest digital human, Samir, and stylized creature, Nova, both run in real-time and demonstrate outstanding biomechanics as part of their performances. Collaborative tools like SyncSketch are being showcased, facilitating smoother collaboration and providing real-time and async feedback for faster iteration. As well as this, the introduction of Unity Wētā Tools’ Deep Compositing and Eddy are set to redefine post-production workflows, enabling creators to achieve unprecedented depth and detail in their productions.

“Our focus has always been on helping filmmakers and part of that process is extending what is possible in visual effects,” said five-time Academy Award winner Joe Letteri, Wētā FX Senior VFX Supervisor. “Deep compositing, Wig, and the integrated solver framework for Loki are all examples of how we took our experience with some of the largest and most complex projects and embedded the knowledge we acquired into the tools themselves.”

Unity’s dedication to innovation and time-saving tooling helps accelerate content creation while reducing repetitive tasks, further expanding Unity’s footprint in the digital entertainment industry.

“We’re excited to showcase groundbreaking work in the realms of character creation, environment building, rendering, and compositing,” said Natalya Tatarchuk, VP of Unity Wētā Tools. “We’re working hard to make these powerful solutions available to everybody to accelerate creative workflows, enabling seamless implementation of creative changes, and deliver blockbuster-quality final shots.”

These tools are driving the industry and opening new creative avenues for artists and creators, including:

  • The creation process for Unity’s new real-time digital human with Unity Wētā Tools’ Ziva Real-Time and Wig.
  • Participate in sessions discussing the creative challenges faced while building characters for Netflix’s The Sea Beast using Unity Wētā Tools’ Ziva VFX
  • Get an introduction to Unity Wētā Tools’ Deep Compositing toolset where Unity and WētāFX share insights on how you can combine CG renders, render more efficiently, reduce human error, and have more flexibility in scene planning.