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Not Just for Kids: Norway’s Ludenso and AR


While augmented reality and publishing usually are on the same page in children’s books, a newly announced partnership between a publisher of physical-therapy manuals and Oslo’s platform Ludenso are demonstrating new value in augmented reality for therapeutic specialists.

As Publishing Perspectives readers will remember, the still-young Ludenso surfaced shortly after its operations had opened, in a partnership with Cambridge University Press and Assessment last year. At that time, Ludenso introduced itself as an augmented-reality authoring tool, letting publishers “enrich either existing or new textbook titles with 3D models, embedded videos, audio clips, or links.”

Now the Norwegian company is talking up another partnership, this time with Books of Discovery, a company seated in Boulder, Colorado. And, of course, artificial intelligence is also something Ludenso’s team is looking at, as we’ll get to shortly.

Books of Discovery, founded in the mid-1990s, says that it publishes foundational manual therapy textbooks and educational resources internationally, for more than 3,000 programs the work of which includes preparing students for athletic-training careers; massage therapy; occupational therapy; physical therapy; and associated bodywork and health-care professions.