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Super League Announces Proposed Underwritten Public Offering

Super League Announces Proposed Underwritten Public Offering


In a strategic move, Prytania Media has announced the establishment of two new gaming studios under its umbrella, marking a significant expansion in their creative endeavors. While the company has previously introduced studios like Possibility Space and Crop Circle Games, tangible output from these entities remains limited. The freshly introduced studios, namely Fang & Claw and Dawon Entertainment, add to the growing family of Prytania Media companies. Co-founders Jeff Strain and Annie Delisi Strain shared this development, yet, akin to their previous ventures, specific projects remain undisclosed. Here’s a closer look at the newly introduced studios:

Fang & Claw Fang & Claw is diligently crafting the next phase of fantasy combat sports to cater to the surging competitive-play market. Backed by a $3 million seed investment from Transcend Fund, the studio boasts an accomplished team comprising:

  • Jeremy Gaffney, Studio Head (Co-founder of Turbine Entertainment, Senior Director at Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Fleur Marty, Executive Producer (Former Executive Producer at WB Games Montreal)
  • Chris Venturini, Creative Director (Former Animation Director at ArenaNet, Gameplay Lead at Undead Labs)
  • Horia Dociu, Art Director (Former Studio Art Director at 343 Industries and Sucker Punch Productions)
  • Ben Scott, Technical Director (Former Technical Director and CTO of Undead Labs)

Dawon Entertainment Dawon Entertainment, the latest addition to Prytania Media, emerges as a promising emerging-markets studio situated in Bangalore, India. Spearheaded by studio director and award-winning game designer Whitney Beltrán, Dawon Entertainment is dedicated to creating culturally immersive games tailored for Indian players. The studio embraces India’s rich folklore, art, music, and vibrant technology landscape to develop engaging gaming experiences.

Despite these exciting announcements, detailed insights into the upcoming projects from both studios are still forthcoming. Prytania Media’s expansion further underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming creativity.