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NVIDIA Debuts AI-Enhanced Real-Time Ray Tracing for Games and Apps

NVIDIA Debuts AI-Enhanced Real-Time Ray Tracing for Games and Apps


NVIDIA has unveiled several advancements in AI technology for gaming at Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming conference:

DLSS 3.5 Introduces Ray Reconstruction

  • DLSS 3.5 is an upgrade to NVIDIA’s AI neural rendering technology. This version introduces Ray Reconstruction, enhancing ray-traced image quality for GeForce RTX GPUs. It enhances lighting effects for a more immersive gaming experience. Denoising is used in ray-traced computer graphics to fill in missing pixels to more efficiently composite a final image. DLSS 3.5 is trained on 5x more training data than DLSS 3, so it can recognize different ray-traced effects and make smarter decisions about when to use temporal and spatial data.DLSS 3.5 also includes Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing, and Frame Generation.

NVIDIA Reflex Comes to More Games

  • NVIDIA Reflex is expanding to more games including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIPAYDAY 3Alan Wake 2Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Reflex reduces system latency for quicker player actions and a competitive edge. Over 50 million players use NVIDIA Reflex monthly, with its availability in numerous popular titles.

Half-Life 2 RTX, An RTX Remix Community Project

  • Half-Life 2 RTX is an in-development community remaster. It is being developed by four of Half-Life 2‘s  best mod teams featuring ray tracing, DLSS 3, Reflex, and RTX IO.

AI-Powered NPCs Get More Emotion With NeMo SteerLM

  • AI-powered NPCs are getting more emotional with NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) introducing NeMo SteerLM, a training technique that customizes the personality of NPCs for more realistic in-game action. ACE is a custom AI model foundry that aims to bring intelligence to NPCs through AI-powered natural language interactions.

New Games, New SuperPODS Come to GeForce NOW

  • GeForce NOW is adding new games, including AAA titles like Alan Wake 2, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC, PAYDAY 3, and Party Animals. The service is also integrating Microsoft Store for more game choices. Additionally, GeForce RTX 4080 SuperPODs are deployed in North America and Europe for better server access.